100 Acres Winter Single-Wick Candle - 100% Natural Ingredients & Essential Oils | 100 Acres Apothecary
100 Acres Winter Single-Wick Candle - 100% Natural Ingredients & Essential Oils | 100 Acres Apothecary Single-Wick Winter Scented Candle (220g)
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This is our divine-smelling 100 Acres Winter Scented Candle. Our luxury candles are handpoured, and are created with high-quality essential oils and non-toxic soy and rapeseed wax. Created with the crisp, cosy English Winter in mind, we've delicately spiced this candle with an exquisite blend of sweet orange, cinnamon and clove. With a secret 100 Acres blend of over ten essential oils, light this naturally-scented candle to fill your room with a decadent scent, reminiscent of winter nights cosied up by a log fire. 

We think this is one of the best natural candles, but, we know we’re probably biased. Click below to see some press reviews:

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Light this 100% natural candle year-round to remind you of cosy autumn and winter months filled with log fires, frosty walks and warm, Christmas spices. Don’t forget our candles come in two gorgeous scents; besides this luxurious blend of sweet orange, cinnamon and clove, we also have our deliciously fresh signature-scented candle, with top notes of lemon myrtle, lavender and rose geranium to bring essences of fresh, summery English Countryside into your room.

Our natural luxury candles are hand-poured, and are composed of sustainably sourced soy and rapeseed wax. This winter candle comes in a beautiful gold patterned heavy-bottomed glass jar. Because it's so gorgeous, we love to re-use the jar and add tea lights because it gives off such a beautiful glow, or we love to use it as a little pot.  Otherwise, the jar is fully recyclable. Our wicks are made from natural cloth. 

Our candles are not petroleum-based like most candles, meaning they burn more slowly. Our single-wick candles have a burn time of around 40 hours.

Important information: Be sure to burn your candle for a minimum of 2-4 hours from initial lighting, to ensure the top layer of wax fully melts and the candle achieves a full-burn pool. This will ensure the candle will burn evenly throughout its lifetime, and will help to minimise tunnelling. 

Our all-natural candles are free from parabens, sulfates, sls, petrochemicals, and contain no synthetics. 220g. 100% natural ingredients. Made in the British Isles.