The Story of 100 Acres

Immersing you in 100 acres of luscious British countryside through through exquisite botanical fragrances, infused into luxurious, rich, all-natural bath & body.

100 Acres of heavenly British countryside, bottled.

We adore the British countryside. If we could, we’d spend all our days running through 100 acres of botanical British countryside, weaving through the rolling meadows, immersed in the abundant fruit orchards, rambling wild herbs, secret walled gardens and sprawling wildflowers. A luscious green haven as far as the eye can see.

But, sadly, we can’t spend all our time frolicking in the countryside. So, we create divine botanical fragrances that smell like 100 acres of idyllic British countryside, and infuse them into luxurious, all-natural, British-made bath and body products.

You can then entwine these products into your day, so whether you’re taking a five minute shower on a Monday morning, soaking in a leisurely Sunday bubble bath or quickly washing your hands on a Thursday afternoon, just one inhale of our products will instantly transport you to 100 acres of botanical British countryside. It’s your countryside escape in a bottle.

Our three integrity pillars.

We created our products so that we could use them all-day, everyday, and we have very high standards when it comes to integrity and ingredients. We therefore have three integrity pillars that guide everything we do.

100 Acres Integrity Pillars - 100% Natural, British-Made, Sustainable


We're so glad you've discovered us, and can't wait for you to try our heavenly fragrances.