100 Acres in the wild

How do our fragrances work?

Each of our products has its own distinct fragrance. The two main top notes of each one are listed on the front of each bottle (our relax oil for example has top notes of jasmine & lavender), but every single product contains over ten fragrant botanicals, spread across the top, middle and base notes.

From our palette of botanicals (herbs, flowers, foliage, barks and fruits), we gather and distil their potent, fragrant essential oils and then carefully craft, blend and balance all of these different botanicals together to create our exquisite scents. We then infuse these scents (one for each product) into our nourishing, all-natural formulations - from hand wash to our luxurious bath salts.

We use only 100% natural ingredients and ramp our fragrance oils up to the maximum possible fragrance concentration, which is what gives our products that rich, opulent, indescribable “100 Acres magic”.

Our 100 Acres Botanical Scent Network

What’s more - each product intentionally its own distinct scent, because each one was designed as one part of our whole ’100 Acres Botanical Scent Network’.

Like siblings in a scent family, each product is joined by the same base notes, but has unique middle and top notes.

This means that when you intersperse our products throughout your day (say our body wash and body lotion for your morning shower routine, hand wash throughout the day and perhaps our relax oil in the evening) all of these different, complementary botanicals layer and intermingle on your skin, leaving you feeling and smelling absolutely heavenly. Almost like you’ve just been running naked through the rolling fields, blooming gardens, abundant meadows and luscious orchards of the glorious British countryside.