Hello! Hi.

We’re 100 Acres. We're a luxury British botanical bath & body brand, and we’re obsessed with the British countryside.

If we could, we’d spend all our time there - frolicking through the luscious fields, picnicking in secret botanical gardens, napping in ancient orchards and dining al-fresco in the deliciously balmy evening air that's infused with the wild herbs, fruits and flowers all around.

Total heaven.

But, try as we may, we can’t do this all the time (and we imagine you probably can’t either…the occasional weekend escape is the best we can manage these days). 

So…we’ve bottled it for you. We create luxurious, all-natural, British-made fragrance products that are, quite simply, bottled incarnations of the botanical British countryside. So, whether you’re quickly washing your hands on a Tuesday morning, curling up with a candle and a book after work or indulging in a leisurely Sunday soak, just inhale deeply and let us transport you to 100 acres of heavenly British countryside. 

We’ll see you there.

Ellea X (co-founder)