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Our Ode to the British Countryside

The British countryside is our ultimate muse. We’re founded on an insatiable love for it, and it’s why we exist. If we could, we really would spend all our days running through 100 acres of heavenly British countryside, although sadly, like most of us, we can’t. Countryside natives originally, we now split our time between the countryside and the city. So when we can, there is nothing we love more than escaping out to the countryside for a long, leisurely weekend. 

So, this is our ode to the glorious British countryside, and those heavenly weekends (necessary now more than ever, as we're writing this in the middle of lockdown). We hope that either it’ll resonate with you and provide you with a little virtual escapism, or inspire you to venture out to the rolling British countryside at the earliest possible opportunity.

It starts with Friday afternoon (or Thursday, if we’re really lucky). Weekend bags are randomly stuffed with all-eventualities clothing, odd wellies are gathered, and the car is piled with as many friends (or family, or pets - preferably all three) as will possibly fit. Whether you favour a splendid, sprawling countryside bolthole (Anthology Farm), an uber-cool, cosy inn (The Swan, Ascott) or an exquisite manor hotel (The Painswick), we guarantee the escape of your dreams can be found in the British countryside (and not that we like to blow our own trumpet, but we probably know it).

Just by being in the British countryside, even the most seemingly boring activities are more fun. 

For us, weekends in the British countryside are all about leisurely picnics in secret apple orchards, with nothing but a blanket, friends, wine and good bread. 

It’s about discovering wild swimming spots (even if it’s freezing), field yoga (yes, this is a thing) and that fresh cup of steaming hot coffee in a sunlit morning garden, taking time to soak up the surrounding oasis of ancient trees and early birdsong. 

It’s the lazy al-fresco lunches made with local herbs, fruits and vegetables; exploring old walled gardens and the sleepy Sunday strolls across the rolling meadows (preferably in D&D pyjamas and wellies).

Best of all, it’s the barefoot garden suppers that always go on a little longer than they should (hence why we favour a sprawling countryside bolthole). Imagine the fresh evening air; crisp, fresh and fragrant, infused with the wild botanicals all around. 

For us, this is what the British countryside is all about.

But, before you know it, Sunday evening rolls around. I’m actually writing this (slightly longingly) from my desk on a Tuesday afternoon, so clearly we can’t spend all our time frolicking in the British countryside (as much as we would love to). But, that's where 100 Acres comes in. 

100 Acres is our physical ode to the British countryside; our fragrance portal, if you will. We've created products that are scented incarnations of the fragrant countryside air - the rolling hills, walled gardens and wildflower fields. Made in the British countryside too, they're our weekend frolics in the countryside, bottled. That way, we - and you - can always immerse yourself in 100 acres of heavenly British countryside (whether you're actually there in real life or not). 

So, whether you’re having a slow Sunday soak with our sublime bubble bath, or a quick hand wash on a Monday afternoon, just one deep breath of our gorgeously fragranced products will instantly transport you to 100 acres of heavenly British countryside, wherever you are and any day of the week.

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