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From Botanical to Bottle - Body Wash

If we had our own hundred acres of heavenly English countryside, one of the first things we would do is set up a bath (or shower) in the middle of a green, sweeping field.

Imagine a rolling, ancient landscape: peppered with swathes of untamed herb bushes, rows of ripe fruit trees and a sprinkling of fragrant wildflowers, all blooming and unfurled to saturate themselves with the Summer sun.

We’d run through the fields, basket in hand to gather nature’s abundant flora, which we'd then steep in our bath to enjoy the uplifting, mind-clearing scents and healing benefits of our surroundings.

100 Acres Body Wash

Unfortunately, we do not have a bath in the middle of a field (yet). Nor a shower. Nor, in fact, our own hundred acres of gardens and rolling fields in which to plant said bath or shower.

So...we created our body wash.

A rich, honey-like gel, our body wash is a potent concoction of the very finest botanicals that nature has to offer. Harvested at their peak, we steam-distil them down to their concentrated, fragrant essence, so that we can enjoy them every single day.

Made solely from 100% natural, vegan & cruelty-free ingredients (no parabens, sulphates or phthalates), we combine our botanical oils with plant-based surfactants, to create a body wash that is both gentle, yet highly effective, too.  

100 Acres Body Wash

Skin is left cleansed, yet never stripped – thanks to the hydrating plant oils, your skin will be soft, smooth and laced with a divine scent for hours, afterwards too. (There’s a reason our body wash has won so many industry awards). 

And the scent? Maybe we’re biased, but it is utterly and impossibly delicious. 

It’s sweet yet not sickly (think dew-soaked geranium leaves), with a tangy, uplifting edge (thanks to the citrusy orange), all underpinned by the verdant freshness of an English garden (that’ll be the lavender and roman chamomile). 

It truly does smell like you’re enveloped in an outdoor bath at sunset: the air around you thick with sun-warmed herbs, and skies filled with evening birdsong and the gentle hum of bumble bees.

We could talk about it all day, but we know you have to smell it to believe it....which is why, for August, we're offering a  

free 100ml Body Wash on all orders over £20* with the code BODYWASHA22 (see T&Cs below). 

 Get yours now and enjoy a shower experience so sublime, that – just like the ancient, unhurried landscape it captures – you too will want to slow down and escape to a hundred heavenly acres for just a few minutes every morning.



Free Body Wash T&Cs:  only redeemable on orders over £20. To redeem the offer, please ensure your basket totals £20, then go back and add our 100ml Body Wash to your basket, then use the code BODYWASHA22 in the final stage of checkout.

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