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How to make your home smell incredible this Christmas - The 100 Acres Way

Hello hello! Ellea here. 

As creators and purveyors of beautiful botanical fragrances, we always make sure our home smells like absolute heaven throughout December.

A time to go all out and lean into the most rich and indulgent of fragrances, here’s what we do to make our home smell like an opulent festive haven. 

1) Make a 100 Acres Simmer Pot. (For anyone who doesn’t know, a simmer pot is essentially a super easy, natural way to perfume your home and make it smell incredible).

 Inspired by the notes of our sublime golden candle, this is the best simmer pot recipe and the ultimate festive scent. Simply: 

- Take a big saucepan, and fill it with water on your stovetop. Circa 1 litre, but you’ll top it up as time goes on, too. Let the water come to a gentle simmer. 

- Into the saucepan, add:

  • 2 x large oranges, sliced into big round 1-2cm pieces  
  • 3-5 x cinnamon sticks
  • a handful of cloves (2-6, depending on how much you like clove!)
 - Keep the heat at a very low simmer and marvel at how your home fills with the most divine Christmassy scent. Top up the water every now and again. 

Top tip: if you have essential oils on-hand, add a few drops of frankincense oil to deepen the scent even further. You can put the fruit and spices in the fridge at the end of the day and re-use the next day (or until you no longer feel they’re giving off much scent).

1) Fill your home with our absolutely *heavenly* 100 Acres golden candles.

100 Acres Golden Three Wick Candle - the best Christmas candle

The best Christmas candle with a cult-following, it smells like cosy nights in a Cotswold manor house, curled up by a roaring log fire. Scent notes of sweet orange, cinnamon, frankincense and a tiny touch of clove give this candle the most incredibly rich, enveloping, festive scent.

- Made with the highest possible concentration of fragrance oils for a truly room-filling fragrance. This is the kind of scented candle you can seriously smell when you light it. (In fact, you can even smell it when it's not lit). 

- Made with sustainably-sourced, plant-based wax for a super long-lasting, clean, non-toxic burn. The single wick has a burn time of 45+ hours and the three wick, 75+ hours. 

- Housed in a gorgeous, heavy-based vessel and gold pattern and delivered in a beautiful, crisp box, it feels and looks just as luxurious as it smells.

Scatter them on your mantelpiece, dining table or hallway to fill your entire house with this utterly heavenly festive scent.

Receive a complimentary single-wick golden candle (worth £44) on orders over £150, and a complimentary three-wick golden candle (worth £58) on orders over £200.

To Redeem:

1) ensure your basket totals the requisite amount.

2) once your basket totals the requisite amount, add the golden candle to your basket , too

3) in the checkout, add the code to remove the cost of the golden candle. The code is GOLDEN15023 for the single wick on orders £150+, and GOLDEN20023 for the three wick on orders £200+.

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