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100 Acres X Rewilding Britain

We are so incredibly excited and proud to announce our partnership with Rewilding Britain.

You know us. If we could, we’d do nothing but frolic through the wild British countryside, basking in and soaking up the fragrant flowers, herbs, fruits and botanicals all around. 

This is our idea of heaven - and our founding mission. To bring you your own slice of - or your own "hundred acres of" - heavenly British countryside, so that any time, anywhere - whether you’re quickly washing your hands on a Monday afternoon or having a leisurely Sunday bubble bath, you can simply close your eyes, inhale deeply and momentarily escape.

But - we can’t frolic in the countryside if it’s no longer there.

Which is why we’re so thrilled to announce our partnership with Rewilding Britain. From now on, we'll be donating a percentage of revenue (that’s revenue, not profit) to Rewilding Britain.

 Rewilding Britain are an incredible charity, doing immensely important work and taking bold steps to ensure that the biodiversity of our countryside is not only preserved, but improved, and we stand fully behind their goal of achieving a 30% 'rewilded Britain' by 2030.

We're so pleased to now be able to say that every time you make a purchase on, you’re doing more than just buying a product - you're making a donation to Rewilding Britain. 

So, now, every time you take a mental frolic through a hundred acres of wild, heavenly British countryside through our glorious products - you're quite literally helping to preserve these field frolics for future generations, too.



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