Summer’s Best Beauty Products – The 100 Acres Travel Range

Summer's Best Beauty Products - The 100 Acres Travel Range

Summer’s Best Beauty Products

100 Acres Natural Beauty Travel Range – This Summer’s Best Beauty Products

We’re finally allowing ourselves to get excited about the summer holidays with what we think are this Summer’s Best Beauty Products, The New 100 Acres Travel Range.  We know we’re biased but our products really do smell amazing.  Its that expertly blended, unique combination of over ten essential oils in each product and the natural botanicals we use.

We’re not the only ones to think so either.  Take a look at Vogue: or Libertys of London

Winter is finally over

It really feels like winter was a long time ago.  The sun is shining, its the Royal Wedding next weekend and our festivals and holidays are planned.  So its now time to start planning which beauty products you need for your summer holiday.  At 100 Acres we feel that you really need, not just any beauty product but this summer’s best beauty products. So when you do get round to thinking about packing, take a look at our travel range.

We’re really excited that we’ve just launched our new 100 Acres travel range.  You can now find all your favourite 100 Acres products (hand wash, hand cream, body wash, body lotion, bubble bath, shampoo & conditioner) in the smaller sizes.  This means that they are perfect for flying with.  No need to check them into the hold – you can take them in your hand luggage.

Summer's Best Beauty Products

Summer’s Best Beauty Products – 100 Acres Travel Range

100 Acres Signature Hard Soap

We have also added 95g bars of hard soaps to our range. You’ll also find these on the website and with our select retailers soon.  Naturally scented with the heady combination of at least 10 essential oils you’ll be able to take these with you too on any plane journey.

This Summer’s Best Beauty Products

We know that we’re biased but we think the 100 Acres travel range should be in your top 10 summer’s best beauty products. Our products are available in both 100 ml and 50 ml sizes so don’t forget to pack them.  Especially the body lotion.

100 Acres Body Lotion – perfect for summer skin

The body lotion was specially formulated to soothe your skin and senses.  So its perfect for your skin after a day in the sun.  The essential oils were chosen to encourage a restful night’s sleep by choosing those essential oils associated with calming and soothing.  Bearing this in mind, we combined the sedative properties of lavender and the relaxing properties of camomile.  They were blended with other essential oils and botanicals to make what we think is the best body lotion on the market.

Calming & relaxing essential oils

Lavender has long been recognised for relaxing nervous tension and reducing stress whilst camomile is renown for its calming effects.  Its best to use this lotion after using the body wash.  This is because all of our products are specially formulated to compliment each other.  So the hand wash goes perfectly with the hand lotion.  The shampoo goes perfectly with the conditioner.  The body wash and the body lotion go perfectly with each other too.  We feel that the natural fragrances, the essential oils and the botanicals within each product work perfectly together to make your skin smell and feel heavenly.

Once you’ve applied the lotion, with its camomile and lavender blend, you should feel like drifting off into a blissful night’s sleep.  And that’s what we all really need on holiday……sleep.  A bit of sunshine, lots of delicious healthy food, friends and 100 Acres Body Lotion.  What more do you need in your life.

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(remember to pick the 100ml or 50ml if you want the travel sized version)

Have fun xx