Mini Travel Sized Body Lotion 50ml


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This Summer’s Best Travel Products

The 100 Acres Mini Travel Sized Body Lotion Is Perfect For Summer Travels

The 100 Acres Mini Travel Sized Body Lotion is one of this summer’s best travel products on the market at the moment (in our humble opinion).  Its tiny.  It fits perfectly into your travel bag.  You don’t need to check it into the plane’s hold.

But its not just its size that’s important.  The 100 Acres mini travel sized body lotion soothes your skin and senses.  Meaning that you’ll be fully prepared for a busy day or for a restful night sleep.

The sedative properties of lavender have long been recognised for relaxing nervous tension and reducing stress.  100 Acres body lotion combines this with the calming effects of chamomile.  This lotion is great for nourishing the skin after a day in the sun with Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil & Aloe Vera Leaf Extract.  Did we mention that it really does smell amazing but it works best when paired with our Mini Travel Sized Body Wash because of our unique blend of over ten different essential oils in each product which when paired together create a unique blend of base, middle & top notes.


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