Mini Travel Sized Hand Cream 50ml


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Mini Travel Sized Hand Cream & Other Toiletries

Why its Perfect For The Holidays

100 Acres sells lovely travel sized products such as the Mini Travel Sized Hand Cream & Other Toiletries.  100 Acres Mini Travel Sized Hand Cream is one of this summer’s best travel products on the market at the moment (in our humble opinion).  Its tiny.  It fits perfectly into your travel bag.  You don’t need to check it into the plane’s hold.

But its not just its size that’s important.  Our silky moisturising hand cream is blended with the natural botanical extracts of roman chamomile; acknowledged as an age old medicinal herb for calming the senses. We’ve paired this soothing aroma with the tangy uplifting qualities of grapefruit giving it a vivacious edge. Don’t forget this goes really well with our other Mini Travel Products like the Mini Travel Sized Hand Wash

Articles about the 100 Acres Range

What more to you need to start enjoying the holidays?   Did we mention that it really does smell amazing?  Its not just us being biased.  Read about our products here:


The English Home

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Whilst we’d love you to buy our products here on on website you can also find them at:

Libertys in London

Bath & Unwind

& lots of other lovely select retailers.


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