Bath Salts Without Lavender Flowers 250g


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These bath salts are currently being mixed and should be out shortly.  They are just pure mineral salts and oils without the lavender flowers but otherwise exactly the same as the other bath salts.

Our mineral rich sea salts naturally cleanse and purify the skin, soothing your body and igniting your senses with peppermint leaf oil, which helps sore muscles and foeniculum vulgar fruit (fennel) oil which is renown for its cleansing and purifying properties.

With over ten different oils expertly mixed with mineral salts you’ll find that the heady combination helps to aid relaxation so pour abundantly into your bath, light a 100 Acres candle and sit back and relax.

These bath salts do not contain dried lavandual augustifolia flowers but if you’d like some bath salts that do contain the flowers which float in the bath which along with the essential oil then we do these too.  Therapeutic-grade lavender is such a versatile essential oil that it can be sued to cleanse cuts and skin irritations.  The essential oils from this plant are known for the relaxing and therapeutic effects it has on the body.  Its like Marmite – you either love having the flowers floating in the bath or you don’t.   We love them & love Marmite.  Preferably the two together in the bath at the same time with a hot chocolate.  Is that bad?


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