100 Acres Apothecary

At 100 Acres, our expert range of bath and body products is inspired by the natural beauty and botanical diversity of the great British countryside. If we had 100 Acres of rolling hills to run around naked in, we would plant orchards, fruits, flowers, herbs and medicinal plants - just like the ancient European physic gardens we draw inspiration from!
Sadly, most of us don’t have 100 Acres of English countryside (nor would we run around naked in them even if we did!) so that’s why we’ve bottled these amazing scents, so you can lie back and imagine being in your own 100 Acres of heaven.

Our commitment to you...

Our 100 Acres products are hand-blended and made in small batches using botanicals and essential oils renowned for their therapeutic qualities, and we strive to source organic ingredients of the highest quality wherever possible. Every product from our range is made here in the English countryside, with each individual oil and botanical chosen for its healing, calming or uplifting properties. We mindfully combine the botanical ingredients in our products, to ensure that the beneficial qualities are complimented and enhanced.
Recent research suggests that the synthetics widely used in the cosmetics industry today are irritants to our skin, and their safety is often unclear. Our products don’t contain any nasty parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, artificial colourings or fragrances, so you can relax in the knowledge that what you’re putting on your skin is natural and beneficial. Our products are not tested on animals, are suitable for vegetarians (although not to eat!) and feel best when massaged in by someone else’s hands.
As well as being great for your body, the 100 Acres range is good for your mind and spirit too. We use botanicals associated with inducing certain moods and feelings, in order to maximise overall well-being. We hope that our products will calm you, de-stress you and help you to forget about the world and its problems, even if just for a few minutes. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, but if nothing else...at least you will smell incredible!