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Escape with...100 Acres x Amelia Windsor

Welcome to another edition of our "Escape with 100 Acres series" where I, Ellea (co-founder) chat with our favourite friends and creatives to uncover their secrets for the very best countryside escape. 

This time, I'm chatting to my gorgeous friend Amelia Windsor - a fierce lover of Mother Nature and lifelong connoisseur of the countryside escape - to discover the secrets behind her perfect weekend in the countryside.

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Amelia! Hi... 

So, imagine it’s a Friday afternoon. It’s been a long week in London and you’re heading out to the countryside for the weekend. You’ve packed a weekend bag and loaded up the Land Rover - where are you heading and where are you staying?  

I love exploring the British countryside and feel so blessed to have so much beauty on our doorstep. 

I would hop on a train to Hastings and stay at The Old Rectory which is owned by fashion designer Lionel Copley. 

 I would go for long walks on the beach and have lunch at Bayte in St Leonards On Sea before coming back to the hotel for a long 100 Acres Bubble Bath and dinner... 

What three songs are on your road trip playlist? 
Bombino - Tamiditine
Amber Mark - Comin’ Around Again
Fleetwood Mac - Tango in the Night

100 Acres - credit unknown
100 Acres - Amelia Windsor

And what’s in your weekend bag?
Talia Collins bikini made from regenerated nylon 
Birkenstock sandals 
My 100 Acres Body Lotion that I've been using for years - it smells so good!
A good book - My Family and Other Seedlings by Lalage Snow (comes out on 2nd May)
Monc sunglasses
Chantecaille Rosewater Spray 

I'd love to know your favourite secret spot in the whole of the British countryside. Our readers won't tell...
Definitely Holkham Beach in Norfolk. It feels so extremely vast and wild. You must go if you haven't already!
100 Acres - Amelia Windsor
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What are you cooking / drinking? Any particular cooks or recipes that you love?
I adore Palomas! Grapefruit juice, tequila, lime and a touch of cinnamon. Amazing

And what would your dream countryside escape alfresco supper set up look like?  
Bell Hutley placemats and lots of seasonal flowers. I love mismatched plates (I often find them in Golborne Road antique market) along with beautiful mismatched vintage coloured cocktail glasses 

100 Acres x Amelia Windsor - Signature Three Wick Scented Candle Diptyque Neon
100 Acres x Amelia Windsor - vintage Land Rover

Ok so it’s Monday morning and you’re back in London. How do you like to keep a touch of the wild with you, even when you're in the city?
I absolutely adore my 100 Acres Signature Candle - if you close your eyes it transports you to a green, wildflower meadow! And of course a few shells from the beach.

Lastly…if you could have a hundred acres anywhere in the world, where would it be, why and what would you do with it? 
If I had 100 acres in the UK I would let it rewild itself. I would hope to protect some ancient woodland, preserve as many of our ancient, majestic trees as possible and let Mother Nature do her magic!

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