An Ode to the British Countryside Escape

The British countryside is our ultimate muse. We have an idyllic 100 acres of heavenly British countryside in our minds – it’s abundant with luscious fruit trees, rolling hills, overgrown flowers and wild herbs. We’re founded on an insatiable love for the British countryside, and it’s why we exist. We create fragrances that capture this idyllic 100 acres of heavenly British countryside, and infuse them into luxurious, useable products, so you can have a little slice of this 100 acres wherever you are.

Countryside natives, we now split our time between the countryside and the city, and there’s nothing we love more than escaping out to the British countryside for a long, leisurely weekend. 

It starts with Friday afternoon. Throwing clothes into the weekend bag, piling friends into the car and driving out to the middle of nowhere. Whether you favour a sprawling countryside bolthole (Anthology Farm), a cool, cosy inn (The Swan, Ascott) or an exquisite hotel (Limewood), being in the British countryside makes even the most seemingly mundane of activities so much more special.

For us, the British countryside is about the leisurely picnics in secret apple orchards, with just a blanket, good bread, good wine, and good friends.

It’s about the wild swimming; the fresh cup of coffee in an early morning sunlit garden, surrounded by an oasis of trees and birdsong. 

It’s about throwing together deliciously fresh, al-fresco lazy lunches for friends, made from herbs, fruits and vegetables gathered from the garden  

It’s discovering secret walled gardens; sleepy Sunday strolls across the overgrown meadows, and the barefoot garden suppers at sunset that always go on a just little longer than they should. 

It’s the countryside air - balmy and slightly sweet, infused with the heady, aromatic botanicals all around. The overgrown wild herbs, the laden fruit trees, and the fragrant wildflowers - fresh and inviting in a way that you just want to completely fill your lungs with it. 

But...before you know it, Sunday evening rolls back around and it’s time to head back to normality. In fact, we’re actually writing this longingly from our desk on a Tuesday afternoon, and so clearly...we can’t spend all of our time frolicking in the British countryside (as much as we would love to).

This is why we’ve captured our idyllic 100 acres and bottled it into our gorgeous fragrance products (that are made in the rolling hills of the British countryside too) – to create a permanent way to briefly escape back out to the British countryside. So, whether you’re having a two minute shower on a Monday morning or an hour long bubble bath on a Sunday, with our products you can escape out to 100 acres of heavenly British countryside, whenever you want.

Through our Notebook (and our products), we aim to bring a little slice of the heavenly British countryside to as many people as possible. If you enjoyed reading this notebook entry, we would love your help spreading the 100 Acres word. Share this post via social media or email to help others discover 100 Acres and bring some of the glorious countryside into their life too...

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